[Northkeep] 38 cal bolts

Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
Sun Jul 21 10:41:52 PDT 2002

You Are most welcome! For those that are interested in crossbows...it can
sometimes be hard to find the caps for the end of WOODEN crossbow bolts. A
fairly cheap and easy to come by option is a .38 Special shell casing that
can be found at any reloading shop....or if you ask nicely I have a fair
number of casings that can no longer be reloaded but would work nicely for
bolt caps.... just remember to make sure they are not primed!

Diethelm Waltorfer

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They fit good.  With their length, and glued to the shaft, I think they
will be excellent.  Thank you for the sage advice.  Also the same for
the arrow length and where to find  the rules.  I will send that to our
archery Marshal.  Lord Wilhelm Da Kalavo


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