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Derek Wilson dwilson at dollar.com
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As to where to find shafts not made of wood I need a little info here.

1. Are these to be for target or combat or neither (Non-SCA)
2. Are you looking for Aluminum or Fiberglass.
3. What kind of Quantity are you looking for....1 dozen, 2 dozen, a gross.

Once I have these answers I can get you a more definite answer.

Rule of thumb is that anything local is going to cost more than mail order /
web order. Only 5 places in local area that even sell this kind of stuff is

Arrowhead Archery
Bills Sporting Goods in Claremore
Kustom Archery in Sand Springs
Pats Archery in Okmulgee
Archery Outfitters in Tahlequah

Wooden shafts tend to run in the $15 to $20 range for mediocre/good quality.
Aluminum I haven't bought in sooo long I can't give you a definite price.
Carbon (all the rage right now) pretty expensive
Fibreglass pretty expensive do to low demand only the bow fishers still use

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My Lord Marshal.  The site you sent me. I could not access using web tv.
Is there any recourse for me to obtain them.  I am still hoping to see
those abd s samples Monday.   Where can I buy shafts made of  anything
other than wood in Northkeep (Tulsa).  Thank you.  Lord Wilhelm Da


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