[Northkeep] Stepping Up With Ideas

KTMC- AM 14 & KTMC-FM ROCK 105.1 ktmc at icok.net
Tue May 7 12:16:59 PDT 2002

   How about a fourth of July family-style get-together? Some fighting
some picnicing, some old fashioned conversation among friends (if
converstaion is old-fashioned.) :)
   The Fourth is one a Thursday, there are no events that I know of that
day, or the coming weekend of the 5-7th for that matter, as of a morning
check on the kindom calendar website.
   Is there interest? I am willing to check on a site for such a
fun-day..I had in mind trying to find a site where fireworks are
allowed...although remember Castellan last year :)
   Also, if I will buckle down ands get more research and actual design
work done in the next couple of months, I will try to teach a class on
period angling this fall, if there is interest for such a class.


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