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OttokarLuther at aol.com OttokarLuther at aol.com
Fri May 24 00:15:01 PDT 2002

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hello everybody
i have to put my two cents worth in on this subject
i have been playing now for nearly 11 years and i can bet most of you don't
know who i am and i know that i don't know most of you other than maybe i
have seen you or you have seen me at some SCA function now i don't place any
blame on anyone and  i have not gone out of my way to meet most of you
i have made some good friends in the SCA but my so called click are people i
bring with me from mundane life into my little game that i often feel im
playing all by my self
as stupid as it may sound (being im 6'2" and nearly 300 lb.) walking up to
people and saying hi im Ottokar is terrifying to me, and Even people im simi
comfortable with i never know if im just interfering in their game and they
are just being nice so maybe they wont have to deal with me for very long
(yes i know these are just personal problems and no im not whining or looking
for sympathy) just simply put it is really hard for most people to reach
outside of there comfort zone and some people have self-confidence problems
that can make it even harder to reach out and try to make new friends
all that said at Castilian ill be running the knife axe and spear (KAS) as i
am the marksman of NK  and i wont pretend to say ill hunt you down and make
you participate in my game but i will extend the invitation to any newbie or
old timers anybody who might have any interest in KAS or people who would
just like to spectate and socialize come over and i do my very best to make
you feel welcome in my little part of the game

 In service
Ottokar Luther Von Holestine
Marksman NorthKeep Missile Champion Wiesenfeuer
(The 11 Year Newbie)  

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