[Northkeep] Re: Hope I'm Not Sticking My Nose In

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Fri May 24 07:43:13 PDT 2002

Greetings All!

I hope I'm not sticking my nose in but wanted to say how much I liked Ainar and Annabelle's responses to criticisms about playing this game.  They were tactful and heartfelt.

Every organization has issues ... I began playing in Northkeep because when I tried to join Namron they were in the midst of change and the populace were very focused on it -- Northkeep had just survived their change and were more ready to help out a newbie.  I also have to say that being childhood friends with Northkeep's Hospitaler helped out greatly.

The people that I have met in the SCA are diverse and interesting individuals -- from creative, sensative, kind, helpful and generous to the opposite end of the spectrum.  Just as in life, sometimes you click immediately with a person/group and sometimes you don't -- but don't stop trying.  My life has been enriched by the talented people this group draws.

I truly feel at home in Namron.  I truly feel at home in Northkeep.  And as for that, Elfsea, Steppes and many of their households have welcomed me.  In the North, when I joined various mailing lists so I could post Med Faire items, those Cantons, Shires and Baronies were very helpful.

It's a good game with lots of good people ... find them -- or find one and ask them to help you find others.

In Service,
Bianca Sereni

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