[Northkeep] Castellan Announcement

Rick Drake ainarm at cox.net
Tue May 28 19:59:28 PDT 2002

Oyez, Oyez, Oyez.

Pray take heed one and all.  This weekend will see the return of a most
wondrous and glorious event.  This weekend the Barony of Northkeep will host
Castellan XII.  Come join us as we see who will become our next Baronial
Castellan.  Castellan is an unusual event in that one must be proficient in
both martial and non-martial activities to claim the Castellan title.
We will have a very full day of fighting, bardic, archery, thrown weapons,
A&S, and a sumptuous feast to top it all off.  Come compete in the
competitions for the individual titles and also come and compete in multiple
fields and see if you can become our next Castellan.  Finish off the night
with bardic by the fires, dancing to the drums, or gamble the night away
betting on the rapier fights sponsored by the Raptor.
A tavern will be available for breakfast and lunch on Saturday.  There will
be many activities for youths also;  with competitions to include a quest,
physical prowess, thrown weapons (foam axes), archery, bardic and A&S.  The
children's competition will be divided into two age groups 5-12 and 13-17
years of age.  So young people, come and have fun and shoot at a real live
target for the archery competition.

Here is a schedule of some of the planned events for the weekend:
Site opens 4:00 Friday
8:30 Armor inspection starts
9:30 Heavy tournament starts.
10:00 Bardic competition starts
10:30 A&S opens in Main Hall
11:00 Light Weapons Starts
1:00 Archery starts
2:00 Thrown weapons starts
4:00 Tally of Bardic tokens to determine finalists
5:30 Bardic Finals
Torchlight Rapier Tournament hosted by the Raptor after court
Hafla after court
Site closes at 12:00.  Only clean up crew allowed on site after 12.

Here is the feast menu:
1st Course
Fresh veggies of the season
2nd Course
Smoked Salmon Pâté
3rd Course
Chicken Marsala (chicken with mushrooms in Marsala wine sauce)
Späztle (tiny dumplings)
Cooked vegetable of the season
4th Course
Carmel-topped apple tart

So as you can see we have lots to enjoy at this event.  Directions and other
info can be found at http://northkeep.ansteorra.org/events/cast2002.html
Please come and enjoy our event.

Baron Ainar Magnusson
Lady Faolan MacFarland

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