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Darn it!!!!!  No Kenmare.....................

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Subject: [NR] March Laurel Acceptances and Returns

Here is the results of the March meetings to register names and armory.


1. Aidan MacAlpin Device
2. Asshelin Chrystal Name
3. Cadhla Ua Cellacháin Name
4. Crínán mac Eoin Name
5. Dunno Jamesson Name and Device
6. Einarr genja Ragnarsson Name
7. Eleanor Fairchild Badge
8. Juliana Vertue Device
9. Kathleen MacLaughlen Name
10. Magdalena de Medina y Polanco Name
11. Maria Cabeça de Vaca Name and Device
12. Marion inghean ui Ruanadha Name and Device
13. Mary Elizabeth Wickham Device
14. Plokhoi Sobakin Device
15. Plokhoi Sobakin Badge
16. William of Loch Solleir holding name for Device
17. Yves de Byron Name and Device

1. Ansteorra, Kingdom of
Order of the Vine Staff of Ansteorra
2. Eoghan mac Cinatha Name
3. Giotto di Giovanni Device
4. William of Warran Name

If there are any questions please contact me.

Eirik Halfdanarson
Arbalest Herald
Kingdom of Ansteorra
arbalest at ansteorra.org

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