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Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Mon May 6 23:04:04 PDT 2002

Marc/Diarmaid wrote
>We might want to try doing things that encouraged that sense of community.
>At one time, this group had revels at least once a month, where people could
>get together and get to know the people they have around them.  Sure,
>there's the after-Populace get together, but it's not really the same,
>somehow (and those times I've gone, it's really failed to draw me in).

This is something about the last year that made our community here in
Northkeep richer for us, as there had only been one revel a year in our two
years preceding it.  There was recently a thread on the Ansteorra list
about 'Too many events' and this could be one of the aspects of it where we
are weakening and having less fun because of too many events, there is less
time for us to do things together as a local group.  During the spring and
fall in Oklahoma, face it during any time when it is reliably pleasent to
be outside in Oklahoma, there is an event almost every weekend.  This
leaves little time for the local group just to get together in mass and
enjoy each other.

Some ideas that come to mind is to step outside of your comfort zone and
learn something new.  For those who have never danced, come out to either
the Court or Middle Eastern dancing groups and watch or join in.  For those
who don't fight; there is the joy of watching, answering the questions of
all those who come up to watch, becoming a resource on period forms of
fighting, make armor, waterbear,  become a marshal...  For those who
haven't done much in the lines of A&S, take one of the things you do and
learn to do it a bit better or go out and find something completly new and
learn about it.  There is plenty in this game to appeal to all and it seems
that the more active we are and the more we get to know other members,
expecially those outside of our group of friends we came in with, the more
the game will offer to us all.

>There are
>things I _can_ do at fighter practice, if I chose to make the time to go.
>Maybe not every week, or twice a week, but a couple of times a month at
>least [and yes, I know this is a 'put your money where your mouth is' sort
>of thing.  I'll try to back it up].
>>What about the rest of you lurking out there do you have any input to this
>>Please let us hear from you too.
>Absolutely.  If you think I'm full of it here, SAY SO.  Speak up. If you
>have other ideas, I -want- to hear them.

This has been a topic that my perspective has been expanded on since being
hospitaller.  I have tried going to as many things as I can fit in my
schedule to make it to.  To the point of going to many things without my
kids as they aren't into going out that often.  I have met a far broader
range of our populace than I knew before as many tend to be at the
activities of "insert guild here or fp or whatever" and not many of the
other things. The revels tended to provide that crossover more than other

I do not have any answers.  I know that the SCA is the only thing about
living in Tulsa that seems to give the same feeling of community that I
have always had in the other places I have lived.  We are all in this game
for different reasons and have many other commitments pulling on our
time.  There is no one time or place that will work for all, but with
effort we can build and strengthen what we do have.  This upcoming event
will be a great way for us to show our strength and unity and I hope that
over the summer we can have several revels to just play and enjoy our
common dream together.  For taking the time to preserve, strengthen and
build anew who we are is worth the time and effort.

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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