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> I for one think that would be a great idea. Just a chance to shoot the shit
> without the focus of a class or meeting.
> Fáelán
> >At one time, this group had revels at least once a month, >where people
> could
> >get together and get to know the people they have around

       I have to say that when I read Darmaid's message the first thing that
occured to me was that we don't have many revels anymore.  Of course weekdays
aren't very good for that sort of thing and there are event's almost every
weekend this time of year.
       When we were having the moots last year I heard severel people say
that we shoud continue them even after the investiture, but it didn't happen.
   We don't have any serious proublems that I'm aware of nor any major
projects going on but I still think it could be usefull to to get together
and talk about what's on peoples minds,  followed by a revel.  Is there a
good weekend in June we could try and do something?
 We have a few people with large yards who have offered to host such things
in the past.  We could check and see if the offers are still open.
       When we had a crisis we pulled together and spent a lot of time with
each other.  I remember when we had 40 to 50 people come out to Wednesday
practices.  Now that things are going well many people are doing other
things.  There are always demands on our time and things we could be doing.
If we decide it's important to spend time with each other then we make time
for it.  I'm including myself in that as well.


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