[Northkeep] Stepping Up With Ideas

Miriam Cook zahavabathannah at yahoo.com
Tue May 7 12:36:12 PDT 2002

Would this be a day-time thing on the 4th or a
night-time thing? I think that a lot of people have
family/small group things that they do at night on the
4th but very little during the day (except wait and
wait for it to get dark enough to blow stuff up...)...
Maybe a day-time thing might be nifty?

just my $0.02....

--- ainarm at cox.net wrote:
> Wow!!
> Please do get a class together on period angling...
> Being the impartial only sort of like to go fishing
> person that I am, ask my wife. I would be interested
> in this class but only in the mildest way :)
> Don't know if we could get anything going on the
> forth just because lots of folks have family things
> going.  But I am willing to give it a shot if there
> are enough folks that would like to do this.
> Ainar
> >
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> > Date: 2002/05/07 Tue PM 03:16:59 EDT
> > To: northkeep at ansteorra.org
> > Subject: [Northkeep] Stepping Up With Ideas
> >
> >    How about a fourth of July family-style
> get-together? Some fighting
> > some picnicing, some old fashioned conversation
> among friends (if
> > converstaion is old-fashioned.) :)
> >    The Fourth is one a Thursday, there are no
> events that I know of that
> > day, or the coming weekend of the 5-7th for that
> matter, as of a morning
> > check on the kindom calendar website.
> >    Is there interest? I am willing to check on a
> site for such a
> > fun-day..I had in mind trying to find a site where
> fireworks are
> > allowed...although remember Castellan last year :)
> >    Also, if I will buckle down ands get more
> research and actual design
> > work done in the next couple of months, I will try
> to teach a class on
> > period angling this fall, if there is interest for
> such a class.
> >
> >    Valstarr
> >
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