[Northkeep] Stepping Up With Ideas

Maleah maleah at mmcable.com
Wed May 8 15:50:51 PDT 2002

I haven't had a chance to read the whole list yet so if someone else has
brought this up forgive me but...........Moonshadow is hosting Kingdom
Heralds and Scribal Symposium the week-end following the 4th. I don't think
it has made it to the Kingdom website yet.

Just info,
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>    How about a fourth of July family-style get-together? Some fighting
> some picnicing, some old fashioned conversation among friends (if
> converstaion is old-fashioned.) :)
>    The Fourth is one a Thursday, there are no events that I know of that
> day, or the coming weekend of the 5-7th for that matter, as of a morning
> check on the kindom calendar website.

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