[Northkeep] Reveling

Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Wed May 8 16:15:12 PDT 2002

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I'd like to point out that we have what amounts to a revel on the first Monday of every month...our very own Middle Eastern drum and dance circle (now in its seventh month).  For the next few months, we'll be meeting at Helmerich Park, 73rd and Riverside (Gypsy Coffee House if it rains or is unbearably hot).  It's a lovely park with lots of entertainment for the children (including a water playground).  Unlocked bathrooms, lighting, parking, picnic tables, shelter, 78 acres, open until 11:00 p.m.  I encourage everyone to come out, with or without a picnic basket, and have a good time with new and old friends.

I realize this conflicts with Diarmaid's shoemaking class, but why not work on shoes at the park?

In peace,

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