[Northkeep] Reveling

Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Wed May 8 23:25:36 PDT 2002

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I see your point, and I certainly have no wish to disrupt the educational process.  But I invite you and your students (when you can spare the time) to come and do a "shoe demo" at some future drum circle (which, by the way, bears no resemblance to a formal - or even an informal - class).  Show off your handiwork to an appreciative audience, then relax with us.  If you attract more students to your fine classes, so much the better.  Both groups stand to be enriched by such an exchange.

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  From: Marc Carlson
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  Now since I have no interest in Middle Eastern dance, for me to take my
  class there and do that while you all are trying to do whatever it is that
  you do there, I would feel (were I in your place) that this would be
  selfish, disruptive and disrespectful.

  This would be even more so if I were to (as is possible) try to interest
  your people into what I was doing, and by so doing drag the people there
  away from what they were there to do.  Personally, I find that sort of
  disrespect unforgiveable, and so would be truly reluctant to put another
  class into a situation I myself wouldn't tolerate.


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