[Northkeep] fundraising events

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Thu May 9 08:26:16 PDT 2002

Hey Bethany -

Any sort of fundraising is permitted - as long as the funds never go into
the Baronial coffers.   What you might run into is that at events the
sponsoring group may already be doing fund raising  for one thing or another
and would not be wild about competition........

What did you have in mind?

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> I'm quite new to the SCA, and wasn't sure what it's policy was/is on doing
> fundraising events, but having seen the sad announcement on the Ansteorra
> list, was wondering if maybe some sort of fundraising
> would be appropriate ... allowing both a social event for folks to gather
> at, and a means of supporting a fellow SCA'er in a time of bereavement and
> difficulty...
> curiously,
> bethany / zubeydah the wanderer
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