[Northkeep] Just a bit of trivia

Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Thu May 9 16:18:33 PDT 2002

Marc Carlson wrote:

> >Catrin
> >Catrin (my god, 14 years? That explains a lot)
> Yeah, but you had a good time, generally, right? (Psst. play along - we're
> still trying to fill some offices...)

    Oh...right!  Right!  It was great fun!  The time of my life!  Made me the
person I am today.  Only one question remains:
    Who the heck are you and what did I do for 14 years?  I thought it was a
lost-time consequence of alien abduction.  Who'd you say you were again?
Where's my stick?

Catrin (I think)

> M/D

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