[Northkeep] Saga

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri May 10 17:28:45 PDT 2002

>I wanted to be a good Northkeepian and put in my subscription to the Saga.
>Is the address on the back of this old copy I have on Grant Street in Sand
>Springs still current? Can I just mail off a check there?
>Fáelán mac Cathail

I imagine they are getting ready for an event, as I probably should be
doing.  Our new Baron and Baroness were the former Reeve and Chronicaller
and we now have two new officers in those positions.  I am sure contact
info will follow.  It is a good time though to be writing or drawing
anything to submit for this next issue, as we are meeting a week early I
think the deadline is this Sunday.


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