[Northkeep] Demo opportunity

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Thu May 16 11:45:22 PDT 2002

>Hi I have a Demo opportunity, here are the details, June 8th from 12-3
>Hicks park neighborhood (Windsong, Falcon Ridge and other neighborhoods in
>the East Tulsa Prevention Coalition catchment area) are having a summer
>kick-off BBQ, Coordinated by yours truly (like i have nothing better to do
>with my time :) ), The topic of entertainment came up and I mentioned a
>demo, everybody thought cool lets see if this can happen..So is this
>possible this short of time notice?

Ian has to approve any demos and then we go to work seeing if we have the
people to support it.  It is against the first week of Lillies and I think
Catin may be there that weekend, not sure how many of the populace will be
there.  How large of demo would you be after?

Susan the Curious
Barony of Northkeep
Susan-the-Curious at swbell.net

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