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 I agree with Cat completely!
Being over here in the Ponca city area and dealing with what is pretty much still a group of newbies we see alot of this. People come and go for various reasons, there is only so much you can do. If they are not willing to meet people, talk and do things....well you get the point there isnt anything that the best hospitelar, seneschal or evan baron can do. Getting involved is a two way street.
For the most part Northkeep is a great bunch of people! We have had nothing but offers of help and support from them with our fledgling group, and for that we are extremly grateful.
BTW-Cat will you contact me off list I have a couple of questions for you
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I know I shouldn't say anything, but that has never stopped me before. ;-) I started this game quite by accident. I tried everything, not only to see what interested me, but to meet new people. I am very firmly of the opinion that a person doesn't have to like me. I fI get the impression that I am not welcome, I will go play with someone else. However, that does not mean I will take my hurt felelings and go home. That is much too childish. Not everyone is going to hit it off. There are people I have distinct personality clashes with, and I tend to avoid those few people. At times, I have been called a "social butterfly, because I 'flit' between groups of people. There is a reason for this. People are not going to go out of their way to drag me into an established group. Any newcomer, whether old timer or newbie, has to establish himself, or herself, with the group in question.
I am not rambling here, and there is a point to this. Usually, when a new person comes up to talk to me, I am busy doing something - we all are. We stop, say hello, then continue with our tasks. This tends to put some people in the 'snobbish' category. I will not drag a new person kicking and screaming into the tasks I am doing (usually waterbearing, marshalling, or otherwise bullying the fighters), mainly because it can be overwhelming, and sometimes the fighters can be rude when they are having fun. ( Ivo....just kidding.) If someone is really interested in what we do, they will play, rude people pr not. Some people always want an opportunity to whine, or put down someone else, because it justifies him or her quitting. In the long run, the SCA might be better off not having the people who are only there for the parties and 'total acceptance'. A wise man once told me, "You can't make everyone love you, so be content with those who like you, and be happy with those who love you for who and what you are."
Okay - I'm off my soapbox.....
BTW - would Lillith, who is looking for Wynfrith, please contact me off list at lady_catin at yahoo.com.
Thanks all!!!

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