[Northkeep] A possible solution

randel lee randellee at yahoo.com
Fri May 24 12:59:33 PDT 2002

greetings everybody ,

first off i will admit that i have not read all the
posts yet , so if i say something that has been said
before i appologize..

i have been to several meetings now ,and at every one
i have seen someone that i was sure i had not seen

i have played in several groups and northkeep has the
fewest meetings of any that i have been to. the one i
started at had meetings every tuesday. a guild meeting
then a business meeting then a class meeting and then
a court meeting where everything was run like court to
give people more experience with the whole court
after every meeting we would go the pizza hut for
social time.
now i understand that this schedule would not fit
every group and i am not sugesting this as a schedule
, just as info to think about.

i could see how having a second barony meeting could
be very benifical, taking a que from brad leah they
have a "do it" meeting as there second , it gives time
to chill and talk and either work on things for up
coming events or to just to show off what they have
been doing themselves and teaching others ,or talking
about fighting, any number of things or nothing other
than to say hello and talk to people in the group that
you don't know. i have gotten to know most of the
officers here from them giving reports , but there are
soo many people i see at a meeting that i have never
had the opportunity to talk with , and i fault myself
for that. if it would help i would volunter to be the
first to take some time ,stand up ,introduce myself to
the populace , tell them about me ,my persona , and
what my interests are in this "game" .
everybody has there own ideal about what the dream is
and what it means to them. that doesen't mean some are
right and some are wrong , that means that we have
different interests , most of the fighters here have
seen me fight ,but that is new for me , i have been
doing jewelry for alot longer.  i say this as a point
to the fact that i am as guilty as anyone about not
comunicating with those around me.

sorry if i have taken up too much time . thank you for
your time .


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