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Zenobia Mira Vallis VivatTheDream at cox.net
Fri May 24 14:48:40 PDT 2002

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June 15th looks good to me.  Do you think I can get my scooter into your back yard?  What can I do to help?

I can also get the Oakbrook clubhouse and pool (where we had our Yule revel) sometimes.  It helps to have a bit of advance notice.

As you know, we're already working on the possibility of converting the third-Monday drum and dance circles to a weekly drum class/practice on Thursdays.  As for the first-Monday circle, I am more than willing to move it to a Friday or Saturday so that people can stay later.  It was only set up for Mondays because most of the people at our first circle, back in November, wanted it that way.  It certainly isn't set in stone.  Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are already committed for us, but if someone else wants to plan drum & dance circles on one of those nights, that would be fine, too.  I do think Northkeep is large enough (and eclectic enough) to have more than one thing happening on the same night.

In peace,
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  Oh! Yes, I'm sorry. I tend to think of shoe class as ending by 8 or 9
  for some reason, and it doesn't. I apologize. My opinion on that is that
  one or the other of those should be moved to another night. I don't know
  which would be easier to shift, but we should certainly look at it, I
  think. Maybe we can't, but perhaps that's a discussion we should table
  until another time.

  At any rate, we (and thus the backyard) is free on June 29th. Of course
  that's only a few days before the one planned on the 4th. Do we want to
  try for Sat June 15 instead or go ahead and gave two that close


  > --- Mercedes/Stephanie <steldr at cox.net> wrote:
  > > I don't see a problem with that weekend - it's even
  > > after populace so you
  > > could announce it then and have Ciana put something
  > > in the saga for you.  Be
  > > sure to ask Diarmaid to put it on the
  > > calendar............
  > >
  > > My worry about combining a revel with drumming is
  > > that drumming already
  > > conflicts with shoe class, let's not add another
  > > thing to that
  > > night..........
  > >
  > > Mercedes

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