[Northkeep] A possible solution

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Fri May 24 17:32:43 PDT 2002

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Ainar wrote:
>One of the things we are seriously looking at is increasing the number of
>things we do.  Starting with the thing on the 4th at our house.  We could
>do A&S classes like Mooneschadowe does and have them once a
>week.  However, as Marc and other have stated, it is uncomfortable when
>you work up a class and go through all the effort to get things ready and
>then no one shows up.

So many of the people here have played for a long time and also played in
other areas.  It is a good time to look at what we want to have happening
here in Northkeep.  Times have changed and it is good to reflect on what we
have going on and how well it is fitting the needs of all.  By the number
of those who have spoken up that they haven't felt welcome and the number
of people I meet at event that are active in the SCA but not in Northkeep,
we should be best served by finding a way for people to find a place in our
organization as opposed to saying there isn't a problem, which there
appears to be.
    * What are your favorite activities and guilds that you have
participated in?
    * What made them run well?
    * How often are you wanting to participate in things?
    * What times are best for you to do things?
    * Do get togethers have to have a purpose or are you wanting some laid
back activities just to get to know the others involved better?
Anything constructive that you think will help us through this current
stage?  Sometime this last year on the Northern list we had a discussion of
the regular monthly activities in the different groups and it was
interesting how much the different groups differed in what they do.  I am
going to ask on the Ansteorra list what the various groups in the kingdom
do on a regular basis for more ideas, if interested you might want to check
that list out.


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