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Anthony Lackey catan at webzone.net
Fri May 24 20:07:56 PDT 2002

    I don't know if it comes across as the tendency for local peers to not play
much locally, but for my part I have played in Northkeep to the usual exclusion
of playing much outside it except for fairly rare occasions (not that I don't
want to go to outside events, but it's not often that I am able).  I always have
a good time here.
    Interestingly, at an event down in the central part of the kingdom I
attended a few years ago, a friend (my former laurel, no less) said, "Where have
you been?  We thought you were dead!"  I replied, "I'm not dead, I've just been
playing mostly in my home Barony and north of the Red River."  She said, "Same
    If playing mostly here is being dead, then let's put the wreaths on the door
and have a great wake.  It's fine with me to be dead that way.


Marc Carlson wrote:

> It may seem a little peculiar to me (as Marc), but peerage in the SCA is
> supposed to confer not only some cool benefits, but also some serious
> obligations.  For example, people look to THEM to see how to behave.  [And
> you know, I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure that there might be some
> connection between the fact that of the small number of peers we have had
> around here, most of them (for perfectly good reasons all, mind you) have
> tended not to play with the local group AS a group - instead focusing on
> their own things and playing elsewhere - and the unspoken sense that being a
> part of the Group is somehow something people shouldn't invest too much in.
> But I digress...]
> Marc/Diarmaid
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