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> .  So all these things considered I had my own knee jerk, curt
> reaction and genuinely found myself thinking "this person needs to move on
> and find some other organization where they can their needs met."

Ditto - You are not alone in your thoughts, Balvin. Here's a fact folks: when
you have little kids, you don't get to do everything you would like, or go
where you want or afford very much in the way of extras, for quite a long
time. I was there myself for many years- it is called parenting...that's the
breaks. Not always fun, but you know what - YOU chose it.
All I am hearing in these rants is "what about me, me, me, me, me and my
misery! " Fortunately, there is cheap solution. Think about someone else's
needs. Service is the quickest way out of misery; to just stay so darn busy
you don't have time to notice anything. An occupied mind has little time for
such wasted space. Is your name on the signup for work lists? If yes, ANYONE
in the barony will be glad to buddy up and assist you. If not, come by the
tavern and I will make it a personal mission to find you something to do.
It is critical, very critical, to realize that you do NOT have the luxury of
wasting time whining. We all, only have so many days allotted to us in our
lives, don't be a fool and spend them unwisely.
We all have tender feelings at times, we all get hurt sometimes, we all make
mistakes in taking other people the wrong way. Here's my best advice: play
the Eagle's song "Get Over It" and take it to heart, or as Balvin has pointed
out, no one should be miserable, go find something else to do that gives you
less pain.

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