Personality and Behavior (was RE: [Northkeep] Sir Balvins Defence)

Marc Carlson marccarlson20 at
Tue May 28 11:15:22 PDT 2002

>From: cchipman at (Carl Chipman)
>Oops, sorry about the wrong attribution (Diarmaid instead of Ainar) >of the
>original message.

It happens.

>Diarmaid, I don't agree.
>Prowess, courage, honesty, loyalty, generosity, faith, courtesy, and
>franchise are what are listed as the virtues of those wishing to be
>chivalric in the ideal, and are the things I hope to strive for.
>None of these things are what is called for "for being an asshole".

Which is why I didn't refer to YOU as being an asshole.  I used that term to
refer to me.

>You point out that "a lot of people have trouble fitting in with
>groups".  That is a true statement...
>However, since only a couple of people have
>trouble, I'd say its probably the people themselves who need work.

Excuse me, how did you get from "a lot" to "a couple"?  These are not
synonymous terms.

>P.S. As a final note, I must say the phrase "selfishly ignoring >others"
>just sounds so.....wrong...for lack of a better description

Get over it.


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