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Oh my!

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> Subject: Tournament of Chauvency, 1285
> Yesterday, I got hold of an edition of a long poem about a tournament
> held at Chauvency in northern France in 1285.   It's usually
> called *The
> Tournament of Chauvency.*   I've known it existed for a long time but
> never seen a copy.  (Since there is one copy in all of
> Canada's academic
> libraries, I guess that's no big surprise.)
> I've just looked at the modern French summary, and it's
> great!   It's a
> detailed account of a week at Chauvency, made up of two days
> of jousting
> and a final day of climactic tournament, but it has so much
> more.   It's
> got lots of satire on heralds, it's got *amours,*  it's got
> feasts where
> every course is sung in.  In fact, there is singing at every
> stage.   At
> the final feast, members of the company go to the chambers where the
> wounded fighters are lying and sing to them!
> It really makes you want to start an organization where people
> re-created this sort of thing all the time. :-)
> I am sure that the Old French text has its dull and repetitious
> passages, but I think it would be worth translating.   Looks
> like I may
> have another project after *Deeds of Arms.*
> Finnvarr
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