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Fri Nov 1 15:15:41 PST 2002

Zahava --

Here is the food for feast information I was telling you about. I hope it is
helpful for you. Please let me know if you have any questions or if there is
something I can help you with.

Lynn the Inquisitive

Here is the Middle Eastern bakery info: Muhanna Sweets, 6104 E. 71 St. (71 &
just west of Sheridan), Tulsa, 523-1800. They have GREAT baklava at good
prices. For walnut baklava you can get a large tray with about 50 1/2 square
pieces for $20.50. A large tray of square pieces (about 2 inches square)
contains about 40 squares for $20.50. He also has pistachio baklava (which
he gave me a sample and it was YUM!). The same size trays for the pistachio
is $23.50. The baklava comes in a lidded box with individual pieces in paper
"cupcake" cups. Their specialty is baklava (the whole shop if full of it) so
a couple of boxes is not a special order, but he said a couple of day's
notice is great so he can make sure he saves the amount you need. The shop
supplies baklava to many restaurants here in town and across the country.

The meat place in Owasso:
The contact info is: National Steak and Poultry, 301 E. 5th Ave, Owasso,
274-8787. They are located right off Hwy 169 (you can see the place from the
highway). I think the exit was 176 Street, but I'm not sure. I'll try to get
out that way again before the feast and write it down and send you
directions. The chicken I used as Castellan was the lightly seasoned chicken
breast and had salt, pepper, and a little red pepper seasoning on it. The
cost was $1.10 a pound, which included tax. You have to purchase by the
case; cases are an average of 15 to 20 pounds. I told them how many pounds
of chicken I needed (50 pounds) and they found the cases to fit that.I think
the actual pounds I ended up with was 51.50 pounds. You can call at the
beginning of the week to place an order and pick it up when you want to. I
picked up on Friday on the way out to Castellan. Keep in mind the chicken is
flash frozen, which means it is really very HARD frozen. I put the chicken
out in trays Friday night and let them thaw while I was cooking the salmon
(about three to four hours). They were pretty much thawed when I finished
for the night and they finished thawing in the walk in. However, remember,
the Castellan kitchen was very hot and it was May. I don't think it will be
that hot in November, so you might want to add extra thawing time.

Wholesale food info
The contact info is: SYSCO of Oklahoma, acct. rep Joe Macarsuo (called Joe
Mac), 2500 W. Skelly Dr., phone 445-7772, fax 445-3164. We have an account
set up with them under SCA; it is a cash-only account (so get to exact total
including tax before you go to pick it up and take the cash along to pay for
it). Feel free to mention my name. I found them to have good prices on some
things (like cheese, fruit and vegetables) and more expensive prices on
other things. How I handled this was to first figure out the total amount of
food and supplies I needed. I then went "price" shopping at a couple of
places so I would know where the best price was. I then faxed the whole list
to Joe at SYSCO and asked for prices on the whole list (so I would know if
they were the best price or not). Then I compared the prices with my
shopping sheets and selected the items they had the best price on. I faxed
him the list I would buy from him (about a week to a week and a half before
the event). He gave me a total and I picked up the order and paid cash for
it on the way to Castellan. They are located just off Highway 44 between
Union and S. 33 Ave. Remind me and I'll send you directions when we are
closer to the event.

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