[Northkeep] Rivers Run For Charity (demo)/2nd run test/anyone getting this?

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Thu Nov 7 20:21:47 PST 2002

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Greetings all.

 Did anyone recieved the first run of thisother than myself and Phae? I have recieved 0 responses from the first sending.

Lady Cassandra


 Please forgive my long silence on this matter. I was under the belief that my Lord had allready discussed this matter.

 On Nov. 23rd Rivers Run is hosting thier second annual demo for charity. This years pet is again the Salvation Army

 I have allready commited a Santa and possibly Allana if she can attend to take pictes at a $4 profit. Cope Photography has graciously donated thier time and only asks to keep$1 to defray  thier film costs.

We will be accepting donations of cash,new clotes or toys,and food

 We have the park on 5th and highland booked for this.We also plan to enclose the pavilion for a mini hoffla and have a commitment of a large loaner heater from one of the heating repair businesses in town.We also have Pledges of $250 and food and toys from the of the businesses across the street from us.

I would like to have both light and heavy fighting,hoffla,maybe some craft deonstrations and just lots of people in garb.

 I am working on having vending available for refreshments unless someone can throw me a better idea.There is a grill next to the pavillion.

Directions to the Park.

I35 north to Ponca City.

Take a right turn at POnca exit anf continue staight into Ponca Until you Reach 5th street.You will pass Conocco.Turn Left and continue forward.After  you cross Grand

Ave Hazel Street is your next turn at blocks.Left Turn then there will be a right turn into the Park.

If you need to come up 177 it will become 14th str, when you enter  Ponca.Cobinue till you reach Highland second stoplight.Left turn at 5th str. 3rd stoplight turn left. 1st side street " Hazel" left turn, Left turn into the park.

Thanks Cassie

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