[Northkeep] Also, About Three Kings

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 7 21:22:22 PST 2002

   Pardon the second bandwidth usage,
   I checked the Three Kings website; it mentioned
what I figured in that the event is being held at the
First Monday Trade Days site in Canton.
   I have learned from previous discussions that the
best way to get there is by taking the Indian Nations
Turnpike...once one gets to Paris Texas, what are the
directions to Canton and the site?
   Thanks for putting up with the basic question from
one of the Barony's most absent members! My membership
is currently lapsed, so I haven't got a Black Star
with the travel info to there.
   Thanks, again, and please feel free to respond to
the valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo account I have.


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