[Northkeep] Fishing At Robbers Cave State Park

John Yates valstarr_hawkwind at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 10 20:13:47 PST 2002

   In the chance it may 'lure' other gentles with
'tails' of fishynge with an angyl at the Margrave
site, please indulge the public post.
   Included within the state park boundaries is a
seasonal trout fishery that was to have opened on
November 1. I will try to get the opening confirmed,
and will try to get the information on how many
stockings in the stream area below Carlton Dam (the
Fouche Maline) have/will be done by Margrave. In the
past, the stockings have included a smattering of
far-bigger-than small keepers.
   Carlton itself should have some fish. Peak time for
largemouth is February for them, as I recall being
told, with at least two 10-pound or more bass taken
out of there, from my recollection (I write an
outdoors column, but haven't fished much there
   The one trip I tried earlier this year was neither
a long one nor successful.
   There is also supposed to be two other lakes on the
state park property. I have only seen one of them,
which I believe was Wayne Wallace. I haven't fished it
personally, but there was/is a spot in the arm/branch
that runs into it I have been wanting to try sometime.
   Wait, this isn't an outdoors column, and many
non-anglers may not be 'fall'ing for this autumn event
promotion 'hook, line, and sinker.'

Valstarr (who has used up his bad pun quotient for At
Least five minutes?) :)

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