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Greetings Ansteorra,

There is a Youth Academy being planed by the Incipient Canton of Cridhe na
Tyr for February 28 - March 2.
This is for Youth Boffer, Chivalric and Rapier.
 At this time, we are planning to use the Middleford site of Camp Finlayson.
This site has indoor classrooms, restrooms, showers, kitchen facilities, as
well as GP tents for outside activities.

We would like to have this event be a Kingdom-wide effort in promoting the
activities of the Youth of Ansteorra.

The following is a list of classes that have been suggested:

(1)  A&S Classes for Youth
(2)  How to Autocrat a Youth event
(3)  Bardic for Youth
(4)  Making Weapons (All Ages - Chivalric)
(5)  Making Armor (All Ages - Chivalric)
(6)  On Being a Page, Squire, Knight & Chivalry
(7)  On Being a Cadet & Don
(8)  Authorization Classes for Children (Chivalric)
(9)  Authorization Classes for Children (Rapier)
(10) Authorizing Marshal Classes for Parents (Chivalric)
(11) Authorizing Marshal Classes for Parents (Rapier)
(12) Understanding the Rules of Combat (Chivalric)
(13) Understanding the Rules of Combat (Rapier)

Throughout the day, we plan to have a "Fight the Knight/Don" practice and
ending the day with a Tournament for both Chivalric & Rapier.

Your help and input would be greatly appreciated.  If you are able to commit
to teaching one or more of these classes, please contact the Autocrat of the
event as soon as possible so that a schedule can be made for next month's
Black Star.  His name is Geoffrey Tailor (Jeff Fox) at foxden7 at juno.com  His
phone number is

I would also like to announce that I have Regional Youth Combat Marshal
offices open for bids for the following Regions.

If you are interested please come out to the Youth Academy or send me an

In Service,
Lord Daire de Haya
Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal

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