[Northkeep] Rundel's Champions

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Thu Nov 14 14:33:57 PST 2002

Forgive the bandwidth -

Can anyone (Owen, are you online?) help me with a puzzle.  We are trying to
make a list of the 7 Margraves of Rundel and the 7 Vormunds of Rundel and
the order they happened in.  Currently we know that Ainar is the 7th
Margrave - 2001, Angus Gunn was the 6th Margrave - 2000 and we know that
Thorgrim, Damon and Owen have been Margraves but I'm a little fuzzy about
when.  Ainar was thinking that Owen might have been first but we weren't

For Vormunds, unfortunately we can remember only 2, Kelandra was 7th - 2001
and Walter Robin was 6th - 2000.

Can anyone fill in the gaps?  It would be nice to have the same information
about the other championships as well:  Artisan, Bard, Archer, etc.......

If you can help, please e-mail me privately so we don't clog the list.

steldr at cox.net

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