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Greetings again,

In my eagerness to get word out on this upcoming "class", I didn't give a
complete list of the neccessary parts you will need to bring.  So here goes
the simplified list.

1.   Blunts...any approved type
2.   shafts..wood or fiberglass
3.   APD..siloflex or gulftube
4.   strapping tape
5.   nocks if making arrows
6.   glue for holding nocks on
7.   Close cell foam if making UHMW tips.. the blue camping mat found at
Walmart works great.
8.   something to mark your arrows with ( small labels printed on the
computer work great).. all arrows/bolts must have owners name & kingdom on
9.  good scissors, box knife or other cutting instrument for cutting foam,
tape ect.
10.  Willingness to learn and help others.

See you at Wiesenfeuer!

Countess Octavia
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