[Northkeep] *sighs*

Greg Weible tiernan at angelsfury.net
Tue Nov 26 02:49:33 PST 2002

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Well, once again I am on the move. As I thought I was settled again, I went
ahead and made overtures to the groups here again. Unfortunately, I am unable
to remain in Tulsa due to lack of work, and the fact that the job market is
against me. To remedy my situation, I am having to move again. I will be
moving to Phoenix, Arizona sometime within the next couple of weeks. I regret
that I will be unable to participate in the groups again, as I was looking
forward to seeing those I consider close friends and even family within the
I will not be losing contact however, as I count y'all as friends! So I hope
to keep in contact with everyone!
This email address is from my domain, so I will always be available at this
email address, or can also be reached at: gweible at klient.com
Hope everyone has a great turkey day!
Slàinte chugad,
tiernan at angelsfury.net
They say that most of your brain shuts down in cryosleep; all but the
primitive side... the animal side; no wonder I am still awake!
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