[Northkeep] Heraldry books that copies...etc

Kathy Herndon northkeep_herald at ansteorra.org
Fri Nov 1 18:42:05 PST 2002

>>>I will try to get to Shusterman this weekend if no one beats me to it.
>>All the genealogy books at Shusterman have been moved to the new Genealogy
>>library that opened today at 2174 S. Sheridan.  You need to update the books
>>that say SCHUSTERMAN genealogy to GENEALOGY Adult Ref. There is one
>>circulating book left there that you can check on.
>Where is that at?  It sounds awfully close to where Nathan Hale was, but
>they said it was staying Nathan Hale after the renewal.

It's towards the south end of the strip center that Casa Bonita is
in.  I thought about going there today, but Dora had run out of
patience by the time I was finished at the Salvation Army store, so
we had to go straight home.


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