[Northkeep] Margrave/Vormund VIII

Susan catmafia at swbell.net
Sun Nov 17 18:39:01 PST 2002

>My Lady Alisandre d'Ambrecourt and I had a wonderful time at
>Margrave/Vormund VIII this last weekend. We would like to thank everyone
>that made it possible.  And what a great site for an event.
>Thanks, Fàelàn mac Cathail

I am so sorry I didn't make it over to talk to you all.  Every time I saw
you and your lady pass, I kept trying to place you and it wasn't untill we
were on our way home that it dawned on me.  I met her for such a short
instance at Blood of Heros.  I am so glad you all had a wonderful time.  It
was wonderful having her, Pavel and Marcus from Grimfells and many from

We had a wonderful event, even with the cold.  The fire both nights was
delightful and we would like to thank all the good gentles who joined
us.  It was a great honor to Regina and Mike fought for her in the
tourniment; we were doubly honored by dear Rianonn's song, thank you so.

We had 7 from the group in Tahlequah and they had a wonderful time, it was
so nice sharing a cabin with them and having the bardic fire on Saturday
night.  It was funny having myself and three of the deputy hospitaller's
there, we had a family spend several hours with us in the evening-they had
noticed us while at the park for something else and came back.

Thank you Chass, Suliman and the rest of Rundel, it was a delightful event,

I was just catching up on my e-mail and wanted to say,
welcome back Ren

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