[Northkeep] *sighs*

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Depending on what field you are in, Phoenix is horrifically worse than Tulsa
when it comes to jobs. I have long-time friends there who were finally
forced to move. The husband of the couple, a highly skilled computer tech,
has been working as a manual laborer installing pool tables for the last
several YEARS... the market is that dried up. So... if you work in the
computer field, Phoenix is not the place to go right now...

a friendly heads up


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Well, once again I am on the move. As I thought I was settled again, I went
ahead and made overtures to the groups here again. Unfortunately, I am
to remain in Tulsa due to lack of work, and the fact that the job market is
against me. To remedy my situation, I am having to move again. I will be
moving to Phoenix, Arizona sometime within the next couple of weeks.

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