[Northkeep] wInterkingdom: volunteering to teach a class

Dawson, Lynne dawsonl at unionps.org
Tue Nov 26 05:52:00 PST 2002

Elizabeta is our Children's Minister and both Amanda Blackwolf (not
there last night) and Angelina (Elodie) are the Autocrats for
wInterkingdom and in charge of classes. Any one of these can help you
sign up as well as our Baroness who is in contact with all of the above
and helping to find teachers. Thanks for your help Zubeydah!


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Who would I need to contact about teaching a Children's class at
wInterkingdom? They were pointed out to me last night at Populace, but I
didn't catch their name, and the line to speak with folks was fairly



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