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Wed Nov 27 20:35:38 PST 2002

I generally use an electric mixer. I add the flour while the oatmeal/honey
mixture is in the bowl of the mixer. If you are mixing my hand (with a whisk
or spatula, I presume), I add the majority of the flour in the bowl and mix
by hand.

To keep from making the whole bag of flour sticky with dough, I generally
measure out into a separate bowl all of the rest of the flour I will need,
plus about a 1/2 cup. When I need flour, I reach into the flour bowl to get

When I get ready to turn it out onto the floured surface (I Usually use a
cookie sheet because it keeps the flour in one place), I olive oil my hands.
You don't have to; the dough will stick to your hands anyway. I just start
with the olive oil because it gets them a little less gooey. I add in the
rest of the flour and knead for a few minutes. The dough then needs to rest
about 10 minutes. I just let it rest in same cookie sheet. After the 10
minutes, I knock off as much of the excess flour as possible and kneed the

As far as a warm place to let the dough rise..... most people don't keep
their houses that warm. If I have other things to cook or bake while the
bread is rising, I put the trays of bread either on top of the stove (not if
cooking on top of the stove!!!) or on a counter next to the stove. If I'm
not baking anything else, I will turn on the over to between 200 and 250
degrees to give the bread enough warmth to rise.

Hope this helps.


> The combination of sticky dough, flour and olive oil...  The olive oil is
> on your hands to keep them from sticking to the dough, correct?  How do
> slowly add the flour under it to keep it from sticking and yet maintain
> stickiness of the dougg?  I think I got the balence ok, but figure there
> are secrets to doing this that would make it easier.
> Other question for the raising section, what are the best ways to
> accomplish this other than having it real warm in the house?  My oven is
> a wall by it's self, so there is nothing near it if I turn it on and at a
> height that is somewhat inconvienient to set something in front of.
> Thanks Lynn and any other bread experts,
> Susan
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