[Northkeep] Carlisle keep defense

FARMING20 at webtv.net FARMING20 at webtv.net
Sun Oct 6 19:17:01 PDT 2002

I would like to thank you Ottokar and you also  Fenian?  for your help
both you Fenian harnessed  for battle, and you Ottokar for the fine
demonstration of knife, ax and spear throwing, the knife and ax , and
spear I threw to great satisfaction after a long absence from it.  With
the Canton bringing one fighter and Northkeeps 4  the forces along with
ours were unbeatable----------------------------------------------
until Owen and William showed up.  William took my weapons out of my
hands rather like my corn pickers took corn off the stalks.  It was
painless, but supprising.  And you fighters and any who watch know what
fighting with Owen is like  INTENSE.   I now have a helm with his name
on it.  Thanks to both of you also for your kind assistance.  Wilhelm


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