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Thought some of our archers would be interested!
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FYI  - Estrill

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Good gentles all:

It is official!  The next royal huntsman tourney will be held at Three
Kings in Rosenfeld on November 9th!

This gives you one month to get your bow and all it's related gear in
order!  The tournament will include both target and combat archery.  Masks
or helms will be required for the combat phase.  I will be able to provide
a few loaners, but try to scrounge one up if you can.

Unfortunately, I was too late to get an announcement in the Black Star, so
I need your help!  Please, please, please- get the word out to all the
archers you know.  Tell your senechals, tell your marshals, tell your
friends!  Spread the word however you can!  This tournament should be a
lot of fun, as well as challenging!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me directly or post to the
list.  Hope to see you all in Canton!

Lady Moreg Cochrane
Royal Huntsman


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