[Northkeep] To the greatest Barony in the whole world!!!!

Mercedes/Stephanie steldr at cox.net
Tue Oct 15 09:08:10 PDT 2002

Greetings everyone!!

I have been discussing ways that Northkeep can help raise some money for the
Ansteorran gate project - the gates leading into the Ansteorran camp at Gulf
Wars for those who are unfamiliar with it...

HE Michelle de Chantal is coordinating fund raising activities in the North
and we have been talking about types of fundraisers, etc.  There will be an
auction at Eldern Hills' Investiture/Samhain on the 26th of this month so if
you have something you would like to contribute to that and will not be able
to attend the event, please let me know and I will be happy to transport it
for you.

I am interested in doing a bake sale at wInterkingdom as a fund raiser.  I
know that there are some of you out there that specialize in certain things,
like Lynn's brownies, for example.  I'll be contributing some shortbread and
probably a few other things to the cause.  I know that this is a little bit
of time away from now but I thought I would get people thinking about what
they might like to make to contribute.

Also, if anyone has any particular ideas about other things we could do to
raise some money, I am open to suggestions.



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