[Northkeep] Attn: Charter Painting Folks

beth at stormreaver.net beth at stormreaver.net
Tue Apr 1 10:39:17 PST 2003

I stopped by Ziegler's Art Supply (Admiral & Lewis) yesterday, took
advantage of the 40% off Guache paints sale they were having, and thought
I'd pass the news along of the current sale. They still had a lot of stock.

Also, while I was chatting with the clerk, I was explaining somewhat of
what I was using the paints for (and showed her a couple charters I had
with me). She looked at the calligraphy, and asked me if I knew anyone who
did calligraphy professionally, or on a commission basis, as that's a
question they get there a lot. So... if someone is interested in doing so,
they might want to get in contact with Zieglers. :-)

in service,


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