[Northkeep] Fund Raising info requested

Susan O'Neal catmafia at swbell.net
Wed Apr 2 22:48:09 PST 2003

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Just opened the mail and something came for Kit that is a stupendous
opportunity and I would love all the help I can to figure out how we can
raise the money for it, it will be over $6000.   The University of
Cambridge offers a pre-college program that she was invited to apply to for
this summer.  You choose two courses in addition to British Cultural
History: Faith and Power, Learning and Liesure that is taken by all the

It sounds like a dream King's College to me:
    * War and Chivalry
    * Introduction to Archaeology: The Celts and Romans of Britain
    * The Swinging Reign: History of the Monarchy and Pop Culture in the
'50's and '60's
    * Shakespeare: Shakespeare's Hamlet
    * Studio Art: Saxons, Saints, Scholars
    * Roots of National Identity in Medieval Britain
    * History of Art
    * Famous discoveries by British Archeologists.

It also includes tours around England with a trip to the British Museum and
a play at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  An optional trip to Paris is
available after the 3 week program in Cabridge.  This is a stupendous
opportunity and I would love some ideas, it says there are no merit
scholarships offered, but that many familes have raised money through their
community organizations.  I would hate to have her accepted and then not be
able to come up with the money and would love as many ideas of things we
could do.

Thank you so much for any ideas,


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