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Steppes is looking for people to teach children's classes at Warlord.

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Children's and Youth's Collegium is designed to accommodate age groups;
9-13, and 10 - 17.  We will need volunteer Teachers for the age appropriate
activities planned for them. The youth will attend hands on classes in the
Collegium, as well as have more complex games, arts and crafts activities,
and other entertainment. I have seen many such activities happening around
the kingdom and they have become very popular with out youth. I would like
to continue this trend with as many of you that are willing to teach your
class at our event this year.

Come and help us make this the most memorial event for our youth on our 30th
anniversary of the oldest longest running fighting tournament in our

So far these are the ideas that we have come up with on what we would like
to see. The list was created by our own Lady Merrud.

natural dyes
komihemo (Japanese braiding)
ball and cup game
wax tablets
stone carving
trim painting (take a small strip of cloth and paint designs on it to apply
to garb)
trying period foods
court etiquette
how to be a lady in waiting or page
finger braiding
pillow braiding
period hair styles
cd drop spindle
paper making
wood carving
simple hat construction
scroll painting
Y braiding
highlights of the Middle ages
herbals (like lavender pillow to help sleep not ingested)
soap making
candle making
book binding
prayer books construction and use
glass bead demo
making a faux drinking horn
Viking shield from poster board
brooch making
gold leafing
sun dials
weather vain
faux Viking helm
making a kids boredom buster kit
period games and how to play
tassel making
beaded jewelry
basket weaving
Shepard pipes of pan pipes
finger cymbals
inkle weaving
card weaving
mud bricks
making a pouch

Chiara Francesca
(also known as Ches but call me Chiara)

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