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The website is saying the 31st through the 2nd... however, it is the 30th
through the 1st right?  :)


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>Castellan is our annual championship event.  There will be tournaments to
>determine our chivalric and reapier champions as well as contests for A&S,
>Bardic, Archery and Thrown Weapons champions.  We also hold an overall
>contest to choose a Castellan.  The event is the 30th of May through the
>of June at the Will Rogers Scout Camp in Cleveland (which is about 40
>minutes west of Tulsa on Hwy 64).  I understand that the web page has just
>gone up although I have not been able to look at it yet.  Go to
>northkeep.ansteorra.org and follow the Castellan link.
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>Well, as a newbie to Ansteorra and Northkeep, could someone please tell me
>what/when/where about this Castellan event?  Sounds like everyone knows
>your talking about but me!
>Lady Annis
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