[Northkeep] Crown Tourney Weather Update:

Mark D. Conklin N7XYO markdc at olpdsl.net
Thu Apr 24 21:06:11 PDT 2003

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Crown Tourney Weather Update:

Crown Tourney is right smack dab in the middle of the severe weather season.  If luck holds Crown Tourney could be in between storm systems.  Huzzah!

As the Event gets closer check the following link:

And Oklahoma's News Channel 8 (KTUL) weather page is

Remember we are more than a week out from the event.  Thus timing, and forecasting the weather that far in advance can be a bit tricky, and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE any minute.

I'll send you more info as we get closer to Crown Tourney

Marcus Quietly
Northkeep Chirurgeon
- - - MKA
Mark Conklin, N7XYO
First Alert Storm Team Unit#12
Oklahoma's News Channel 8 (KTUL)

"If you don't like the weather... wait 10 minutes, it will change"  Will Rogers

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