[Northkeep] Crown - 3 items

Herndon, Darin DHerndon at bswintl.com
Sun Apr 27 09:16:09 PDT 2003

1)  We got approval from the park to be on-site for some last minute
cleaning and organization TODAY.  I will be going out to the site,
leaving here by 12:30 so I can be there by 1:30.  To all who were
wanting to go out to the site, this is your chance.  If you need a ride,
call me on my cell phone (691-4603).

2)  Lady Marta Dormani, our seneschal, is providing a snack tray of
items for a great officers' meeting on Saturday morning but will be
unable to be present when it is needed.  If someone would be willing to
pick the items up from her on Friday and then serve them on Saturday,
please email Marta (martadormani at yahoo.com) ASAP.

3)  Volunteer sheets will be at populace tomorrow night.  If you have
not signed up to help yet, remember that the event starts five days from

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