[Northkeep] Hulbert (was: Ice ?)

Chris Graue myangelmorgan at juno.com
Tue Apr 29 21:51:32 PDT 2003

I think that is where my friend got stopped on his way home to Maryland,
and he was going UNDER the speed limit!!! They stopped him because he had
long hair and he was driving a Saturn... (that last part was just a
guess, but if I were a cop, I would have to stop Saturn drivers just to
ask "WHY?", lol)


On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 23:04:08 -0500 Hugh & Belinda Niewoehner
<BurgBorrendohl at earthlink.net> writes:
> Be warned though.   Hulbert (~5 mi east of site) has a well deserved
> reputation as one of OK's worst speed traps.  They will stop you for
> anything more the 3 mph over the posted limit.
> > > Montega

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