[Northkeep] An Open Letter Regarding Crown Tourney

Anawyn at aol.com Anawyn at aol.com
Tue Apr 29 22:36:23 PDT 2003

I wanted to share something with all of you, especially those of you for whom
this will be your first Crown Tourney.
I remember my first Crown Tourney, which was sponsored by Northkeep, when I
had not been in the SCA for very long. I had maybe two outfits of garb,
neither of them very special, I don't believe I even had any feast gear at
that time  - I did have a folding chair and that was about it!
This was so amazing! It was not like any of the other events I had seen!
These were the major players, folks. Beautiful pavilions, ladies with oh!
such elaborate dresses, really fine heraldic devices, color everywhere. It
was dazzling! And fighting like nothing else. And these men - they had
seriously great armor!! Just bowled me over.
I remember standing toward the back, trying to stay out of everyone's way,
after all, these were our guests, and important people. So I was sitting at
the very back of the tree line trying to glimpse as much as I could, when one
of the ladies turned and noticed me sitting there by myself. She came over,
and introduced herself, and said her name was Gladwyn, and would I like to
join them, instead of sitting by myself, so I could see what was going on? I
said, Oh really, she did not have to. She insisted, I was thrilled beyond
There I was - sitting with those fine ladies, right up with the action!
There, with the best of the best, just as if I were entitled to it. And she
talked to me about what was going on, and we conversed as the fighting went
on. I tell you, that precious day is still as fresh in my mind now, as if it
had happened last week.
And, I determined then, that if Crown Tourney ever came our way again, I
would make sure that I made a personal effort to be aware that if I saw
someone standing in the background, that they too would be noticed, and made
welcome, and hopefully be given the opportunity to make a wonderful memory
just as I had.
Please join me in that effort. Be in touch with your surroundings - introduce
yourself, if you do not know someone. Just say hi - just say your name, make
our guests feel special, for this event is indeed special, and our Barony is
special. Let's shine together and make it memorable!
Oh, and by the way, that dear lady who was so kind to me.....later that day
became Queen Consort.....

See You At The List Field!

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