[Northkeep] notarizing parental consent forms

beth at stormreaver.net beth at stormreaver.net
Wed Apr 30 12:35:46 PDT 2003

As parental consent forms are required for Crown Tournament, and they must
be officially notarized, I wanted to let folks know that I am a notary, and
will have my seal at the event.

If you are a parent who is *dropping off* their child and need it
notarized, please track me down (Probably at the waterbearer's station). I
should be on site part of Friday evening, and from early Saturday morning
on ... however, there's a few laws that govern what must happen for a

1) The person whose signature is being notarized *must* be present. I
cannot notarize something that was signed previously and brought by someone
else. I have to actually *see* the signature being written.  So please
don't sign it in advance.

2) The person whose signature is being notarized *must* present legal
identification that matches the signature. Legal Identification means a
photographic ID acknowledged by your state of residence.

3) If it is a parental signature required... the person signing must
actually be the child's parent.  (You would think this would be very
obvious, but it's actually happened in the past.)

If any of these three conditions aren't met, I *cannot* perform the

I hope this option helps those parents whose children want to attend, but
the parent cannot stay for the event.

In service,


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